Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy - Sensory Gift with Ceramic Bearing by Bever Products

Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy - Sensory Gift with Ceramic Bearing by Bever Products

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QUIET AND SMOOTH SPINNER SENSORY TOY Ideal for environments where noise could disturb others
SPINS OVER 1 MINUTE because we used a hybrid ceramic ZrO2 ball bearing and an ABS plastic frame
REPLACEABLE BEARINGS can be upgraded easily - fits 608 size
COMPACT so you can take it anywhere to relieve anxiety or stress

Spinners give restless hands a task. If you find yourself clicking a pen, tapping, squeezing a stress ball, etc., this is the perfect solution!

Hold it by the center with one hand, and spin it with the other. You can also hold it with your thumb and index finger while spinning it with your other fingers. Try balancing it on one finger and passing it to another without dropping it!

Our best spins were two-handed and lasted over 1 minute. One-handed spins aren't as long.

The frame is molded ABS plastic. This is better than 3D printed ABS because it's stronger and more balanced. Still take care to not drop your spinner because plastic can break.

Why are there 4 bearings? The center is where you hold, and the others are for weight. The outside bearings are steel, only the inside bearing has the ceramic upgrade.

How long will it last? It depends on how much you use it, and how often you clean it. The ceramic center bearing will provide years of trouble free operation if maintained and cleaned. Pocket lint and dust will decrease spin length and increase noise.

What care is needed? All bearings require cleaning to ensure trouble-free operation (even ones with shields). Use compressed air for quick touch ups. Rubbing alcohol is best for deep cleaning. Some people clean their bearings completely, while others prefer to grease or lubricate. Each change will cause different spin feel, sound, and spin time.

Can I remove the bearings and replace them? Yes! The 608 size bearings are removable so you can clean or replace them easily. Everyone who spins has a collection of their favorite bearings. Mix and match what you already have with this frame for your own custom fidget spinner.

Please note - The steel bearings are lubricated at the factory. It is normal for some grease to get past the seal, especially over time as you break-in and use your spinner. The seal is there to keep as much dirt and dust out of the bearing as possible. Do not put the spinner mouth or eyes.