R188 to 608 Bearing Adapter Core - Fidget Spinner Upgrade Kit

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REPLACES YOUR FIDGET SPINNER 608 CENTER BEARING allowing your spinner to work with an R188 bearing instead
R188 BEARINGS SPIN LONGER THAN 608 SIZE You'll have less wobble AND the longest spins possible without having to buy a new spinner!
HIGH QUALITY SET INCLUDES a machined housing, retainer ring, R188 steel bearing, and our popular concave threaded screw caps with laser engraved logo. All this is in a sturdy gift tin
DOUBLES AS A MICRO SPINNER the smallest on the market currently! Use it in your pocket in place of a worry coin when you can't use a full-size spinner
THE ULTIMATE CUSTOM UPGRADE will set your collection apart and improve performance. Available in Brass, Stainless Steel, and Rainbow Stainless Steel

** Special offer **
Order today and an extra R188 bearing will be included! That's 2 bearings in the kit instead of 1. 

The R188 to 608 bearing adapter core is a spinner upgrade kit.
Most plastic spinners use 608 bearings which make great weights, but don't offer the longest spin times.
R188 bearings are smaller and contain 10 balls instead of the 7 in a 608.
We won't bore you with a physics lesson, but the smaller bearing does a superior job.
If you are a fan of long spins and want to use your OWN spinner to get them, this is the set you'll want.

The kit also doubles as a micro spinner!
At 22mm across, it's a perfect fit for your pocket or your spinner.
Spin this when you can't use a full size fidget spinner.
Remove the caps and bearing before installing in your spinner to prevent damaging the bearing or caps.
Make sure to clean the bearing before installation for maximum performance. Alcohol works best