Metal Tri-Spinner Fidget Hand Toy EDC Reduces Anxiety and Boredom Increases Focus

  • $19.95
  • Save $40

LONG SPIN TIMES averaging 3-4 minutes for table spins and 2-3 minutes for handheld spinning
CALMING SMOOTH SPIN because we used a high-speed stainless steel bearing that outperforms cageless ceramic bearings
COMPACT AND PORTABLE for Every Day Carry (EDC) so you can keep it in your pocket or purse or tucked away at your desk
FULL METAL BODY is CNC machined and durable so it will stay balanced even if you drop it by accident
PERFECT 2017 GIFT these premium hand spinners are a Must-Have office fidget toy that anyone would appreciate

Fidget spinners or hand spinners are quickly turning into a popular, low-cost way of reducing anxious or nervous behaviors by focusing excess energy.
Every Day Carry or EDC Toys give idle hands a way to fiddle and focus anywhere.
Office desk toys like squishy stress balls and puzzle cubes have been around for awhile.
Recently there has been a push towards higher quality and collectible gadgets.

They can be used therapeutically for symptoms associated with ADHD, Autism, leg bouncing, hair twisting, and lots more.
Using a spinner is great because it can be used while still focusing on something else.
Spin with one hand or two. Table spins are best for the longest times, but will be louder than hand held spinning.

What care is needed?
All bearings require cleaning to ensure trouble-free operation (even ones with shields).
Use compressed air for quick touch ups.
Rubbing alcohol is best for deep cleaning.
Some people clean their bearings completely, while others prefer to grease or lubricate.
Each change will cause different spin feel, sound, and spin time.