Center Cap Upgrade for Fidget Spinners - High Quality EDC Metal Buttons for 608 or 188 Bearings by Bever Products

  • $11.95
  • Save $13

PERFECT UPGRADE for hand fidget spinners with 608 or 188 bearings
COMFORTABLE DESIGN is curved to fit your fingers and thumb for a confident grip
EASY TO ASSEMBLE and remove, threaded caps can improve spin tricks
HEAVY DUTY CAPS are high quality and will last forever unlike plastic buttons that fall out
ALL YOUR FRIENDS WILL WANT ONE so make sure you get one of every color!

The Bever Products metal center caps are the best upgrade for your fidget spinner.

Grab a set and install in seconds to improve your spin game.
Plastic caps wear out but metal will last forever.

Adding a solid center grip to your spinner can reduce hand fatigue.
One side is designed to stand off the bearing more than the other side.
That allows for better table spins and finger tricks.

Will it fit my spinner?
If you have 608 or 188 bearings in your spinner it will fit.
Most all spinners on the market use one of these two bearings.

Installation Instructions
One of the caps will seat inside the bearing to prevent side to side movement.
After seating one side you can easily screw on the other side and you're done!