Black Wine Tote Bag 3-pack Insulated Neoprene Carrier Water Champagne Chardonnay

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LIGHTWEIGHT AND HANDY CARRIER to transport your favorite bottles safely and at the right temperature.
MACHINE WASHABLE NEOPRENE FABRIC is protective and lightweight. Keep one handy at home, in the car, and in the RV
CONVENIENT FOR TRAVEL with soft and sturdy handles. Fold or roll for easy storage anywhere!
THE PERFECT GIFT for wine gift baskets picnics and special occasions like holidays birthdays weddings and parties
INSULATED TO KEEP DRINKS COLD and stylish to keep you the life of the party. 

Enjoy bringing a cold bottle of your favorite red or white wine along to your next event.
The Bever Products Neoprene Wine Tote makes a perfect gift for any occasion.
Arrive with the best looking and most functional wine tote to that dinner party, gathering, wedding, or birthday.
Great for picnics and BBQ's when you would like to keep your drink cold, but don't want to carry a heavy cooler.
The neoprene insulates and protects in backseats, trunks, baskets, and bags.
Lightweight and foldable means you can keep one in handy locations to have one at all times!
Keep a couple in the car for trips to the grocery store or wine shop.
Machine washable in cold water so you can easily clean up if needed.
New neoprene is manufactured, printed, cut, and sewn to our specifications.
Include a bottle of your favorite wine in a gift basket and keep it safe with this insulated bag.
Bever Products is also able to help print your custom logo to give these wine totes as gifts to groups of 300 or more.
Package Includes 3 Totes:
3x Black Single Bottle Wine Totes
UPC: 808890144688