Binocular and Camera Shoulder Harness - Quick Release Bino Straps by Bever Products

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Bever Products Binocular and Camera Harness - Premium Quick Release Straps

This is the best binocular harness for hunting and has been designed to fit your needs. You'll find it is the easiest to use, while providing the safest and most comfortable way to carry your binoculars, cameras, or rangefinders. Take one along on your next adventure and see why this is the best harness available. 

BEST FEATURES AND VALUE backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Ideal for hunting, photography, birding, and sporting events.

MOST COMFORTABLE way to carry your binoculars. The Bever Products Binocular Harness spreads the weight of your rangefinder or SLR camera evenly across your shoulders.

CONVENIENT AND SECURE Quick Release Lanyards use a heavy duty box stitch and key ring. Sliding adjustment buckle puts you in control over binocular height.

ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL Straps are fully adjustable at 4 points so you can wear with lots of clothes in colder weather or light clothing when it's warm outside.

STABLE DESIGN prevents "binocular bounce" while walking or riding. Cotton top straps won't stretch with heavy binoculars and elastic bottom straps still allow easy movement during use. 

HEAVY DUTY The Bever Products Harness will securely hold 15lbs. Most binoculars or rangefinders weigh 1-2lbs.  

The cotton top straps are stronger than the competition. Cotton won't stretch and allow your binoculars or camera to bounce when you walk. Bouncing can cause damage to the equipment, and could cause bruises or other discomfort. The Bever Products Harness can adjust tight to your body in all types of clothing. You can also adjust to a loose fitting if you will be stationary, like in a tree-stand while hunting, or on a park bench. 

The lanyards are equipped with heavy duty quick release buckles to give you confidence your equipment is safe. Cotton straps sewn together with a box stitch so there is nothing to slip or loosen. A metal key ring at the end won't detach by accident. The buckles are reversed on each side so you always have a left and right side. When the lanyards aren't attached to the harness, they can be connected to make a small handle.

Extra lanyards are available if you have multiple binoculars or cameras. 

Protect your investment

Free your hands

Brands tested for fit: 

Bushnell, Canon, Celestron, Leupold, Nikon ProStaff, Polaris Optics, Vivitar, Vortex

Package Includes:
1x Bever Products Premium Binocular Harness

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